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STARS TONIGHT; icons by cabriolet


Icons by cabriolet.

You will most likely see icons relating to the following fandoms:

- Everwood
- Gilmore Girls
- Harry Potter
- Actors/Actresses from above

Follow them and I will be a happy girl. ;)

- Credit starstonight
- Comment if you are taking any icons
- DO NOT hot-link anything
- DO NOT edit any of the icons without my permission
- None of the icons are bases
- Enjoy the icons!

Talented, fellow icon-makers - visit them! <3


Wanna be one? Comment here.

Check here before asking questions. Thanks!

Can I become affiliates with you?
You can apply here. I'm currently looking for some.

Where can I find a specific-themed icon?
Try and searching the memories.

Can I nominate your icons?
Go right ahead, just remember to inform me first. :)

Can I friend your journal?
Absolutely! That would be great. Click right here.

Do you take icon requests?
No, not "requests", but I will take suggestions and such. :D

Do you use your own brushes/textures/etc?
Not all of them are mine. Check here for all my resources.